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Beginners welcome! Pre-school to teens

Fees payable termly (3 terms a year)   Contact Miss Kate for details 
(STREET DANCE and Adult Tap payable per session)
Principal: Kathryn Lawrence

Please contact Miss Kate on 07710 455337
Vicky's mobile number is 07894 963899


Primary dance class demonstrate their ballet on open day
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Most Classes are at St Bartholomew's Church Hall, Rope Yard, Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Wiltshire (see fees list for details).  The hall is light ad airy and has an excellent inlaid wooden dance floor.  Wootton Bassett School of Dance is convieniently sited for West Swindon, Lyneham, Purton and The Lydiards; and is close to M4 Junction 16 (West Swindon). Ballet, Tap dance, Modern, Jazz, Street dance, Limbering, Festivals, Shows, ISTD Exams, Prizegiving parties, Summer dance/craft schools, Christmas & Easter craft parties.  Dance birthday parties.  Zumba, Adult Tap Dance, Other dance disciplines, eg Greek, National, Character; are taught for solo/group performances in festivals and shows.  

In Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

Let's Dance XI (eleven) ~ May 2011


 Animation: Bethany and Kathy's split leaps



Royal Wootton Bassett is South of Junction 16 for Swindon on the M4 Motorway (West Swindon is to the North)

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Wootton Bassett School of Dance is your local start to the performing arts!

Emergency Contact Forms

 The emergency contact form can be downloaded for printing HERE

  Please hand your completed form to Miss Kate. 

 FORMER AND CURRENT DANCERS...PARENTS/CARERS....FRIENDS.  If you are Facebook members, you can keep in touch by joining FRIENDS OF WOOTTON BASSETT SCHOOL OF DANCE.


 The best thing about being in Wootton Bassett School of dance is the unity we all feel within the group and everybody sharing the love of dance. We all work together towards the same goal. Also:-
  • We love to dance.
  • We learn self expression.
  • We have the opportunity to perform.
  • We have the opportunity to compete.
  • We meet new friends from different schools.
  • Dancing is a physical activity, so is good for us.
  • Dancing is an art form and develops our creativity..
  • The exam structure challenges us to improve our skills.
  • Ballet provides the foundation skills for all the other dance forms.
  • Dance is an essential ingredient for a career in the Performing Arts.
  • Dancing gives us the co-ordination and strength to excel at other physical activities.
  • We get to take part in the dance school's "Let's Dance" show at Ridgeway School, Wroughton, Swindon.


DANCE like no-one is watching! @@

Accredited examinations are offered in all disciplines (not compulsory).

Taking part in the school's showcase "Let's Dance" performances is encouraged. These take place at The Ridgeway School, Wroughton, Swindon (the closest venue that can hold 200 dancers backstage).

  Tips on how to become a Great Dancer! (text) 

* * *

Art and Craft Dance weeks are held in the summer holidays.  During the Easter and Christmas seasons, Saturday dance/craft days are offered (very useful to get some unfettered Christmas shopping done!).  The days run from 9.30am - 3.30pm. Check the diary dates page to see if there's one coming up.  These sessions are open to children not attending the dance school, but you will need to book in advance. contact Miss Kate for details.

Parents and carers come to watch the dancers' own choreography on the last day of Dance Summer School.

These popular events give the girls and boys the opportunity to try out their own dance and choreography skills, and to perform them.  Arts and crafts form a major part of the fun, and lasting mementoes are created.  Costs compare very favourably with other holiday schemes.  

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Craft Work from Summer Dance/Craft weeks * * * Make beautiful craft items and try new dance skills.

The T-shirt parade! - Summer Dance/Craft weeks.




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Wootton Bassett School of Dance, Wootton Bassett, Nr. Swindon, Wiltshire. Principal: Kathryn Lawrence. Ceccetti Ballet. Tap, Modern, Jazz, National, International, Classical Greek, Eisteddfod/Festivals, Shows. The school takes part in charity shows by arrangement, eg: Children in Need, Leprosy Mission etc. Music, Musical Theater, Summer School, AISTD, ISTD, London College of Music.BALLET TAP MODERN JAZZ FESTIVALS SHOWS NATIONAL FOLK CHARACTER GREEK CHOREOGRAPHY CECCETTI PRE-SCHOOL DANCERCISE SUMMER-SCHOOLS SONG-&-DANCE BEGINNERS INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED INDIVIDUAL-TUITION-FOR-FESTIVALS ETC. MULTIDISCIPLINARY CHILDRENS DANCING CLASSES
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